This list is not exhaustive,  for more information on topics or how Hallie can customize a presentation for your group, email

Understanding Disability & the Law

Disability in the Legal Profession

Let’s Talk Law: An Introduction for Students to the Legal Field

Inclusion Training for Attorneys

Public Policy for Students: Who, What, Why

Public Policy Topics (via Gordian Partners)

Women’s Leadership Training

Developing Leaders: Skills for the Next Generation of World Changers

Nonprofit Development: Using Passion to Unlock Potential

Unshakable Confidence

Starting a Business: What You Need to Know

The Power of Faith

The Importance of Inclusion

Individuals Make an Impact: How One Person can Change the World

Embracing Your Flaws & Uncovering your Potential

Diversity Training- Creating Inclusive Work/School Environments

Tapping into Human Potential & Creating a Stronger Nation

Rejecting Stereotyping and Ending the Stigma of Autism

Educating Educators on Disability- Helping to Form an Inclusive Learning Environment

College/Career Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Practicing Inclusive Leadership

Leading by Listening

Communication Skills Workshops

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