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“In October, the Truist CAN (Capabilities Action Network) Business Resource Groups partnered with Medical Home Plus and Hallie Hovey-Murray to help teammates understand self-advocacy and inclusion. The session presented by Hallie was phenomenal and more than 600 participants were engaged; all shared nothing but positive feedback. Hallie’s insight and the experiences she shared were meaningful, authentic and inspiring!”

–Melissa Early, FVP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion I Truist

“My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the motivating talk Hallie gave at our annual Virginia Tech NOVA Autism Research Symposium.  To hear in her own words the significant challenges she experienced during childhood was enlightening and impactful.  Her message of inclusion for all and insistence that we must destigmatize the diagnosis of autism was inspiring.  She has truly risen above her challenges, exhibiting talented public speaking skills, demonstrating strong self-advocacy, using her voice to promote disability advocacy and her impressive academic successes to impact public policy.”

–Angela Scarpa, Director, Virginia Tech Autism Clinic and Center for Autism Research

“It was quite enlightening for Hallie visit our school. Students, and teachers, talked later about they couldn’t believe that she had shared she had a difficult time speaking in front of people when she was younger because she was so incredible speaking to us on this day. She definitely helped us meet the goal of opening our eyes and hearts to someone with strengths and challenges!”

– Kimberly L Sower, Principal, Gayton Elementary School.

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