As an 8th Grader, Hallie participated in her first speaking competition. Standing up in front of a crowd for the first time. During that time, she was struggling with the WHY. WHY had God created her with a disability? What was her purpose? But speaking on that stage for the first time, she finally found that one of her greatest gifts was to use her voice to speak for others. On that small gymnasium stage, she discovered one of her callings.

Although people with Autism are often stereotyped as inarticulate, Hallie turned something that was supposed to be one of her biggest weaknesses into one of her biggest strengths. She is passionate about speaking on subjects including her platform, ONE in 68: Ending the Stigma of Autism, the impact faith has had on her life and on the importance of civic engagement and of patriotism.

This year, Hallie has traveled over 7,000 miles speaking to schools, university groups, community groups and employee’s at a Fortune 500 Company.

To contact Hallie about speaking or appearing  at your event, please email halliehoveymurray@gmail.com or use the form on the contact page. Include details about the event including the organization/organizations hosting the event, event location, time, other speakers (if applicable), the event topic, budget and the desired length of speech.