Meet Hallie Hovey-Murray. Diagnosed with Autism as a child and told that she would graduate from high school at 21 or 22, Hallie has spent her life Overcoming Expectations. Through grit, determination, faith and sheer force of will, she graduated from high school year early and subsequently earned her B.A. from Southern Methodist University in only three years. At 23, she graduated from William & Mary Law School and at 24, she passed the Virginia Bar exam on her first attempt and became a licensed attorney.

Currently, Hallie is the founder and Managing Partner of Gordian Partners, LLC, a company focused on public policy development, research and strategy for companies and startups, as well as the Founder and Director of the Autism Success Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Hallie is a proponent of coloring outside the lines and pursuing dreams without fear; a philosophy that drives her in all she does. As a speaker, Hallie is purpose driven, focused on connecting the audience to their own unique “WHY” behind the topic being discussed. 

Hallie’s experiences as a child lead her to have a passion for inclusion education, for helping others to find their inner passion + confidence and to develop the skills they need to be resilient in the face of failure. She has spoken to Fortune 500 corporations, school classrooms/assemblies, on college campuses, at conferences and delivered event keynotes. Her speaking has taken her both across Virginia and nationwide. Hallie has experience both with in-person and virtual events. 

To book Hallie for your next event or for a training, email Please include budget, topic desired and specifications. Schools in Virginia are always free of cost, and out of state schools are free with reasonable travel expenses.

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