As she seeks to become Miss Virginia, W&M law student proves she’s more than her autism diagnosis.

How one young Richmond woman with autism is going to law school, competing for Miss Virginia and being an outspoken advocate for change

Law Student With Autism Will Compete To Become Next Miss Virginia

Op-Ed on Autism; Richmond Times Dispatch

W&M law student, Miss Commonwealth helps others with autism



Sadie Goes to School; a children’s book written for students on the Autism Spectrum and their families, this book follows six-year-old Sadie and her mom as Sadie begins her very first day of the first grade. This book shows that students on the spectrum deal with the same anxieties as any other new students on their first day of school, but also cope with some unique concerns. This book was written to show students on the Autism Spectrum that their concerns about going to school for the first time are totally normal and not at all “bad” or “weird”. Illustrated by Raphielle Bernier. If you are interested in a paper copy of Sadie Goes to School, please contact Hallie via the contact page, or purchase your copy for Kindle here

To purchase Overcoming Expectations: A memoir, please click the link here



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