When she spoke to community groups about her own experience transitioning from high school to college as a student with Autism, Hallie Hovey-Murray found herself struggling to answer the question posed by many audience members: What resources are there dealing specifically with the transition to college? Are there any ways to prepare my child?

Sadly, post-secondary education is not discussed enough for students on the Spectrum, and students aren’t given the tools they need to be successful. Studies show that only 32-39% of the college students on the Autism Spectrum graduate within 6 years.

And so, the idea behind the Autism Success Foundation was born. With a purpose to help serve individuals on the Autism Spectrum as they transition from high-school to post-secondary education, we are a volunteer led group focused on equipping these remarkably talented students with the tools they need to be successful. We offer workshops and scholarships for middle- graduate level students on the Autism Spectrum, and work to foster inclusion and acceptance of Autism in the community at large.

To learn more, please visit http://www.autismsuccessfoundation.org or email autismsuccessfoundation@gmail.com

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