Mom & Mother’s Day

My mom. Aka Jean. Aka the women who showed me how to function in the world, who taught me how to dress well, organize things, to cook vegetables in a way that makes them edible. A woman who showed me how to walk through the world with passion and drive, but yet always to hold forgiveness in my heart for others.

A woman I don’t alway agree with. A woman who I get in political debates with almost on a weekly basis but yet the women who taught me to be independently minded. The woman who dropped everything to come to Dallas and stay with me for two weeks when I was sick senior year right before the LSATs.

See, the thing about my Mom is that she always strives to make the world a better place. To help those in need, to give a helping hand wherever she can. You see, there aren’t many people really like that. Not many people who spend hours upon hours every week working to make sure children struggling with mental illness have access to care,  all while raising a daughter full time— not to mention that her daughter was at times far from the perfect child.  It was my mother who taught me to be compassionate, and my mother who gave me the drive to work for others. When I didn’t want to speak out, wanted to hide everything about my childhood, about my disability from everyone, she encouraged me. She empowered me. She inspired me. She drove me to do what I could to empower others.

And for her love, compassion and kind heart, I will be forever grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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